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From high heels to cowboy boots

In my almost 36 years, I've seen myself as many things. A daughter, a nutritionist, a fashion designer, a wife, a writer, a mother, a lawyer, a businesswoman, a blogger, a photographer, and even a princess. Some things became a reality. Some didn't.

One thing I've never seen myself as was a rancher. I've always been way too fond of frilly dresses, high heels, a full face of makeup, and perfectly manicured nails ever to consider that as a viable option. No matter what life path I saw myself taking, one thing was always certain I was a city girl through and through.

Imagine my shock when my husband decided he wanted to go back to his roots, buy a ranch and leave the city behind. It was an adjustment, to say the least.

Though I have no intention to discuss religion here -- too much of a personal topic, in my opinion -- I do believe in God. With that belief comes an understanding that if God gave me my husband to marry, He did it with a purpose. And if my husband decided that a life in the country was the right path for our family, then it's in God's perfect design as well.

So, I'm buckling up and changing my high heels for cowboy boots to follow my beloved husband to where God takes us. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm fully at peace with this move. I'm not. I'm anxious and nervous over what challenges lie ahead. I'm afraid that I won't adapt well to a simpler life without the options and bustle of the city. I'm afraid of slow internet and deafening silence. But in almost 13 years of marriage, my husband hasn't let me down or led me to a bad path once. I refuse to believe this will be the first time, so I'll trust him and God on this one.

Who knows, maybe this change in lifestyle and setting is exactly what I need to finish another book finally. This land we're looking to buy certainly is inspiring.



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