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Facing my fears: Biscuit Edition

I've always considered myself a good cook. Coming from a family of food lovers, I learned to cook at an early age and always cherished the time I spent in the kitchen with my mother and grandmothers. They are all fantastic cooks, so my talent is, at least in part, inherited.

However, my stovetop skills never transferred to the oven. Every cake I ever tried to bake turned out dry and rock hard. Baking bread was a challenge for me, even when using a bread maker. And don't get me started on my attempts at baking cookies -- in case you ever wondered if burnt underbaked cookies are a thing, yes they are.

My baking failures were a sadness to me for years. I've always had this mental image of greeting my husband in the morning with warm, homemade baked goods and celebrating my loved ones' birthdays with a cake I made. Not being able to do those things always made me feel like I lacked basic housewife skills. I know that's silly, but feelings often are.

A few years ago, I decided that a brainless appliance -- AKA the oven -- would no longer beat me. No matter how long it took, I would master the art of baking, fill my home with the aroma of fresh bread in the morning, and bake a darn birthday cake for my husband. Though I still lack in the cake department, I've gotten pretty good at bread baking and, last week, thanks to this amazing recipe by Erin McDowell and Food 52 I made Buttermilk Biscu

its, something I've always loved to eat but never dreamed I could make -- and make well.

The recipe is really easy, which was a shock to me. I always thought that some sort of magic was required to get all those yummy flaky layers, but it turns out all it needs is good technique and a ton of butter -- which is a magic ingredient in my opinion, so perhaps I was right all along.

If you decide to give it a go, I highly suggest watching this video first. In it, Erin offers a lot of excellent tips, discusses everything that could go wrong with your dough, and how to fix those mistakes. Plus, she's so much fun!

In all my baking adventures, these biscuits were my proudest moment. I love them! I love how they make the house smell. I love that you can freeze them raw and bake them early in the morning, and I love the confidence they gave me in my baking abilities. I'll probably make them again today!

This week, I hope you try doing something that scares you -- big or small. If you fail, who cares?



P.S.: I hope you guys enjoy the food talk because I plan to make recipes posts a weekly thing.

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