What people are saying about EXCEPTION:

I was not expecting such a wonderful, beautifully written story about friendship and being that " person" that only some people get in life. Then to have the best of friends fall in love, and really loved the fact of no sex for seven months! Now that's true love, learning everything about someone before jumping their bones. Never seen such passion written, and I didn't want it to stop. If you are looking for that special love story, read this novel, this is definitely on my re read list!

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This story is timeless perfection! I loved it! It was a very slow paced love story, which in my opinion, is what made it so great! The reader gets to enjoy the developing feelings between the characters. There is so much detail about Emily's past, that it makes it very relatable and understandable.

I can't say enough good things.

This book is well written and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone!

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This book had me almost from the first page. It is a story about rising above the horrible events in your past and coming to terms with them. It is about moving on and leaving the past in the past. It is about friendship, trust and love. The characters and story are so well-developed. They became real as did the emotions of the story. It is a truly beautiful love story about family, friendship, and overcoming the soul-numbing events that touch every one's life.

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What people are saying about the reason I stay:

‘The Reason I Stay’ is the perfect feel-good romance for anyone who has grown up or still lives in a small town. Patty Maximini perfectly set the scene for this heartwarming book so that I felt so comfortable and at home in the small town of Jolene, that I was invested in the story even before we got to know the characters better, as they already felt like my neighbours.
Lexie was the perfect heroine, and she was just one of those characters that you root for from the start. Matt was a pretty unique hero and having to warm to him from the beginning made me love him more later on in the book. I really like seeing characters change through love but it was particularly amazing to see in Matt’s case.

Patty Maximini has a real talent with words and has created a heart-warming story of love, atonement and forgiveness that was stunning from start to finish,
5 stars!

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I really love it when I don't expect a book to be that good, but then it totally surprises me. This is one of those and I mean this in the best way possible. I expected everything to stay pretty superficial, lots of steamy moments and some over the top drama. What I got was well rounded and very lovable characters, some hot moments, well founded drama and great humor to top it off.

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I didn’t want to like Mathew. I really didn’t. But……. well, as the book went on, he kind of won me over. And Lexie, well, she’s just a great character from the off.
As I was reading this book, I got to halfway, and things were rattling along nicely, so I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I knew it was coming. It always does. BUT. In my view, it’s how it’s written that changes the book from a mediocre read to a great read. And with this story, Patty did a great job. The depth of feeling woven through this book is simply enticing.
Happy Ever After or not? I’m not telling. But what I will say is that this book would be a great addition to your TBR pile.

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